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even angels fall

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[14 Jul 2004|09:44am]
i made a community/ its _kingdom_hearts join

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[27 Jun 2004|11:10am]
The extended trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2 shown at this evening's Square Enix pre-E3 press conference reinforces the impression given by the original trailer at the Tokyo Game Show. At the very least, this is Kingdom Hearts, but much more so, and at best it could live up to the immense potential of the flawed original. We'll be able to play the game at Square Enix's display later this week, which should lend itself to a firmer impression, but for now, we can at least pass on some new details from the latest movie.

The new trailer features many more gameplay sequences, though, and evidence of changes to the original game's controls. The sub-menu in the lower left corner is still there (with new themes skinning it depending on which world you're exploring), and the hyperactive camera seems to be in effect as usual, but Sora may be able to deal with it more effectively by targeting multiple opponents at once.

A few sequences show multiple lock-ons identified with different face buttons, in a manner reminiscent of The Mark of Kri, which looks like it will help in battles where the crew is surrounded by hordes of enemies. Sora also has more high-flying moves, backflips and air combos that let him rise above the press on the ground. That should help a bit, since the climactic moments of the trailer show Sora, Donald, and Goofy encircled by massive hordes of onrushing opponents.

Exactly who is starring in the new game remains a bit confusing. Sora, hero of the original, still shows up in the gameplay sequences as the wielder of the Keyblade, backed up by Donald and Goofy. There are other Keyblades as well, though, including a pair carried by a young man who seems like he might be a new character. He first appears on a city rooftop with a pair of friends that create a trio mirroring the three main characters in the first game -- they look similar to Sora, Riku, and Kairi, but not quite the same. Whoever he might be, he's the one facing off against the wild-eyed cloaked figure in some of the early screens, the one with the mass of spiky red-brown hair.

The enemies are also a confusing mixed bag. There's the one cloaked gentleman with his hood thrown back, plus at least six more with hoods pulled forward, and no clue as to what might be underneath them. Meanwhile, one of them is shown speaking with the already-revealed bandaged figure, a grim-looking man with a single eye and the rest of his face covered beneath dark red wrappings. The grunts battling Sora come in a couple of flavors as well -- the ordinary Heartless we've seen before, plus pale white opponents with a different, cruciform symbol on their heads.

As for the more easily-identified Disney stars on display, the Beauty and the Beast cast seems to be a more critical element in the game's plot this time. The supporting cast shows up -- Cogsworth the clock, Lumiere the animated candelabra -- and the Beast appears as a temporary enemy. A brief scene shows what appears to be that recurring hooded figure threatening the magic rose that controls his destiny, making him an unwilling opponent of the heroes. Another recent Disney film getting a bit more screen time is Hercules. In addition to the title character, his lady Megara shows up in the trailer, riding the winged horse Pegasus (who'll perhaps show up as a summoned creature later on).

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chain of memories [18 Jun 2004|05:22pm]
The new game begins after Sora encounters a man in a black raincoat on the road. It is nighttime. The man tells Sora that he will find what he is looking for after going further down the road, but it will be in exchange for losing something that is important to him. After the man vanishes, Sora is left to walk a trail that leads him to a mysterious castle, in which Chain of Memories' gameplay will take place.

Chain of Memories is confirmed to use a new card system in its gameplay. Not many details have been revealed, but it is known that during battle, collecting cards that contain the same illustration will create a certain "effect." For example, collecting cards with a picture of lightening will cause a thunderbolt to strike the player's enemies, and collecting cards with a picture of a character, such as Goofy, will summon that character to battle. A card with Cloud from the Final Fantasy series has been seen in one of the screenshots as well, suggesting that some non-Disney characters may make cameo appearances similar to the original Kingdom Hearts.

The cards apparently have more influence than just in battle sequences, but further details have not been revealed.

The promotional art for Chain of Memories shows a number of the original game's characters. Those characters include Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a mysterious gray-haired girl.

Disney characters seen in the illustration include Goofy, Donald Duck, Bambi, the Beast, Jiminy Cricket, Genie, Peter Pan, Simba, and Ariel.

here are sum pics of the game Read more...Collapse ) more pics coming soon

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[08 Jun 2004|10:12am]
[ mood | good ]

i cant wait for metal gear solid 3 it slooks really good even though its a prelude but w/e its still a must buy if ur a hardcore mgs fan.. i think the first metal gear solid was the blast. released on the first ps. that game was soo great and the story was amazing. mgs 2 was really good. not as good as the first but still a very good game. and had lots of extras (like the stealth, wig etc) camera and stuff. the game had great graphics and a great story.. i'm a fan of final fantasy. final fantasy 7 had to be the best. even though the graphics were bad it was still really good, the story was incredable and the length was perfect. ff8,ff9,ffx were also good games. but not as great as ff7. resident evil is a great game also re 4 is comin for the cube . that looks crazy .. and kingdom hearts 2 that looks good also


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[03 Jun 2004|10:40pm]
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alright this journal is basically made to talk about stuff liek . music games and other stuff .. that people wanna say .. .. the journal has to do with alott . comment on what u think of the games coming out this year and cds that aree what ever u wanan write can go here. this is about discussing things .

what is every ones favorite game....

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